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Ground-Up Construction

If you’re aiming for complete control over both your project and its design, ground-up construction offers the ideal solution. With this approach, you have the freedom to select the precise site, determine the building design, and choose the finishes that align perfectly with your vision. Ground-up construction empowers you to orchestrate every aspect of your project from inception to completion.


Ground-up construction presents a blank canvas for your project – quite literally. Starting from scratch provides unparalleled creative freedom, with budget constraints being the only limiting factor. 

Looking towards the future, this approach affords you the flexibility to strategize for long-term building and business growth. With complete insight into the project’s history, you can craft a bespoke space tailored to your specific business needs and aspirations.


As your ground-up construction team, Bristol Construction is committed to supporting you throughout every phase of your project, beginning with a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and overarching vision. Whether you arrive with fully developed plans or are starting from the ground floor, we possess the expertise and resources to guide your project to fruition. Leveraging our extensive network and relationships, we facilitate access to the necessary resources to initiate and advance your project seamlessly.

We eschew rigid agendas or predetermined construction styles, preferring instead to let your ideas steer the course. While honoring your vision, we offer tailored feedback and recommendations aimed at optimizing cost-efficiency, expediting project timelines, and refining design elements. Every project is unique, and our team boasts the experience and versatility to manage diverse scopes, whether they involve demolition and excavation or foundation construction.


Drawing on our experience as developers ourselves, we understand the importance of selecting a ground-up construction partner who not only executes your ideas but also provides invaluable guidance throughout the process. By engaging Bristol Construction, you enlist a dedicated team equipped to leverage our extensive governmental, industry, and affiliate relationships to deliver an unparalleled construction experience.

In addition to ground-up construction, our expertise as general contractors extends to interior tenant build-outs and commercial remodeling. Explore our array of specialties, reach out to us for a consultation, or peruse examples of our past projects.

Opting for Bristol Construction ensures that our relationship doesn’t conclude upon the completion of the punch list. Whether you require leasing assistance, management services, or are contemplating your next investment, we can seamlessly connect you with our full-service brokerage team at Matanky Realty Group.

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