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Commercial Remodeling

Is your space no longer meeting your needs or begging for a refresh? Commercial remodeling emerges as an excellent solution for both landlords and tenants alike. It offers the opportunity to revitalize your interior, whether through comprehensive updates, subtle refinements to finishes, or a modernized facade.


Commercial remodeling empowers you to reconfigure your space to align with modern demands while preserving those distinctive features that define your facility’s character. Furthermore, these renovations can often be executed in phased stages, allowing you to sustain business operations without revenue loss from closures.

Typically boasting shorter timelines and lower costs compared to ground-up construction, commercial remodeling is the ideal choice if you cherish your location but seek to revitalize its appearance.


When embarking on a commercial remodeling endeavor, Bristol Construction begins by identifying the value-enhancing elements of your space and pinpointing areas ripe for improvement. Leveraging our extensive network of tradespeople and affiliations, including Travers Property Development, we deliver personalized service and exceptional outcomes.

Whether undertaking a major restoration or implementing minor updates, we employ value engineering principles to optimize your investment and maximize returns.


Our unique perspective as both builders and owners enables us to adopt a pragmatic approach, identifying where cost efficiencies can be achieved without compromising quality.

Having successfully completed remodels for a diverse clientele ranging from single-location tenants to multinational chains, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results while maintaining utmost transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Explore our portfolio of past projects, or reach out to us today at 774-643-0130! Let’s explore how Bristol Construction can elevate your commercial space.

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