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General Contracting

Navigating the search for a reliable general contractor can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re entrusting them with the realization of your construction aspirations. At Bristol Construction, we understand the importance of finding a partner who can bring your vision to life, whether it’s the development of an expansive shopping center or the meticulous construction of a single tenant space.


When you enlist Bristol Construction as your general contractor, you’re not just hiring someone to manage the construction process; you’re gaining access to a network of trusted industry relationships. Our team excels in securing top-notch quality and competitive pricing for your project. With our wealth of construction expertise, we adeptly coordinate subcontractors and navigate any challenges that arise along the way.

Fostering Meaningful Partnerships for Lasting Results

At Bristol Construction, we prioritize building meaningful connections with our clients. It’s this commitment to excellence and personalized service that sets us apart. Our clients consistently choose Bristol Construction because, to them, Bristol Means More


At Bristol Construction, we streamline our general contracting services into three distinct phases: Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction. Throughout each phase, clear and open communication is our guiding principle, ensuring that every stakeholder is informed and engaged.


During the pre-construction phase, Bristol Construction takes the time to thoroughly understand your unique business needs and objectives. We meticulously review your project drawings, conduct site visits, and verify the full scope of the job. Leveraging our extensive network, we solicit competitive bids, meticulously evaluate proposals, and present you with a comprehensive bid and schedule.

Our focus during pre-construction extends beyond cost estimation; we’re committed to value engineering your project. This involves identifying opportunities to reduce expenses, streamline project timelines, and enhance overall design efficiency.


Throughout the construction phase, Bristol Construction assumes responsibility for coordinating contracts and meetings with subcontractors. We handle all necessary paperwork, permits, and scheduling logistics, providing you with detailed weekly progress reports complete with photos and updates. In the event of budgetary concerns, we proactively communicate issues and present viable solutions.

Contrary to common perception, construction doesn’t have to be a disruptive inconvenience. At Bristol Construction, we strive to deliver a seamless experience that exceeds expectations, leaving you pleasantly surprised at how effortless the process can be.


Upon project completion, Bristol Construction conducts a thorough final inspection, addresses any remaining punch list items, assembles closing packages, and finalizes payment details.

We take pride in shouldering the post-construction responsibilities, allowing you to enjoy a turnkey project without the hassle. With Bristol Construction, your journey ends with the satisfaction of simply opening the door to your finished space.


At Bristol Construction, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end service. Our project managers are adept construction managers and skilled cost estimators, ensuring seamless continuity throughout your project. This means no information gaps, no time wasted on bringing team members up to speed, and certainly no headaches.

Specializing in ground-up construction, interior tenant build-outs, and commercial remodeling, Bristol Construction is equipped to bring your vision to fruition. Explore our specialties or reach out to us today to discuss how we can make your project a reality.

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